Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today, for me, was the most dreariest day EVER! i hadn't left my house once. not even to sit on my balcony and watch the cars drive by, or laugh at the squirrels fighting in the trees lol. oh the pictures above && below were taken from my window. (in case u were wondering how i got them)&& another thing that just made things worse is that i have to fight a case of PMS for the rest of the weekend Lmao! when in doubt just laugh! wow...can u believe any of this...

so to name some of the few things i did this saturday, one was re- reading some of my favorite parts of Stephanie Meyer's Breaking Dawn

Like when Bella first realizes she's pregnant with a half human half vampire baby; and when Edward finally turns her; && when the baby was born; && in the end when the Volturi has come to diminish the Cullen family
This book was beyond amazing, && i cried when it ended because i knew there wasn't another sequel tto read. honestly, i really didn't know wat to do with myself when the book ended.

Now i guess i'll just have to wait until 11.21.08 arrives;
that's when i'll be able to see Edward's gorgeous face. (well really Robert Pattinson) but who cares he is way HOT! lol

Until then, i decided to skim through my new issue of TEEN VOGUE
which was a bad idea because Kristen Stewart was on the cover which meant....yea Twilight was featured in it! yea but it's ok because i was able to control myself
However, i was kind of disappointed that they didn't show Jacob Black played by the GORGEOUS Taylor Lautner
i love him!

&& i actually came across these two new and young dominican models!
i fell in love with what they were wearing. Especially the one on the left. her blue skirt is waaaay k-yute!

so in the end, i found something that pleased me....sorta (lol)
&& i'm going to watch the new episode of Keke Palmer's new sitcom Jackson VP tonight
saturday may not end up so bad after all! =)


Friday, November 14, 2008

Appearence on the TyraShow

Finally found the video

I'm the girl wearing the jumper skirt with the

bright green and orange!

visit the above site if you aren't able to view the video!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PowerShoT Desire

My old camera...well it's actually my dad's,...doesn't work as well as i would like it to. I mean it takes pix and all of the above but i'm craving something more....up to date or...professional. Something that would make me say "oh wow, that looks really good."

Like the Canon PowerShot A590 IS 8-Megapixel Digital Camera

Doesn't it look GORGEOUS?!?!
this camera could definitely satisfy my craving. && if i get it, i would so post way more pix on this blog. So hopefully by Christmas, i can convince my daddy to by it for me! Haha
&& it only costs $129.99 at CircuitCity.
Can you believe it's $149.99 at Target?!?! i cannot believe they'd sell there's for 20$ more. I don't know about you, but that a big difference. I mean you could do a decent about of things with 20$. That is if you know what you're doing lol.