Wednesday, March 31, 2010

midnight snack? more like midnight meal..

soo after i took a break from the computer earlier, i took a Tylenol PM so i could go to sleep..just to pass time. my parents are going down south tomorrow, but somehow i woke up thinking they were leaving tonight. I'm looking at them like..ohk why are u still here. then i realize its only Wednesday. smh.
anywho, i woke up extra hungry since i hadn't eaten since like 5pm..its now 11:09pm..I'm starving. instead of ur traditional midnight...well late night snack, im having pasta from UNO's that consists of grilled chicken, noodles, jalapenos && cheese =D..too much for it to be so late.
but I'm not gonna go hungry for the rest of the night.
plus eating will help keep my mind off of my disobedient keyboard. as i was just telling, it refuses to type everything correctly. like it'll miss a few letters, or a whole word. i was typing to my friend bria without looking at the computer screen. i hit enter && she replied "wats up with ur keyboard" thats when i noticed i'd non-purposely written a bunch of gibber-jabber lol. im not so sure why its being so cooperative now.
but until next outty

//Signed Daisy

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

porkChops on deck ! LOL

soo today i went to Levi's house.

his mom was type mad because he didnt tell her i was coming. smh..irresponsible. lol jk. but we went to the library up the street so he could begin his research for an American History project. i came across the book

"The Last Song"

written by one of my
favorite authors

Nicholas Sparks, which is also showing in the movie theatre tomorrow.

now if a book has a movie version to it, i always read the book first then watch the movie.

Levi knew i wanted to see the movie version of "Dear John" also by Nicholas Sparks, so he bought me the book. then i saw the movie. today he wouldnt check out the novel version of "The Last Song" :(..he said if he gets the book for me, he's not taking me to see the movie on friday. but i really wana read the book. However, he was kidding..thankfully..i but when he decided to check the book out for me, he realized he had forgotten his library card at home -_- smh! im gona read the book reguardless so everything should turn out well. plus i get to watch the movie with Levi so idec about the book as much anymore lol.

On to more tasty things, his mom can cook her butt off. the last time i went to his house, she made BBQ ribs, macaroni && veggies. delicious ! this time it was porkChops, white rice && corn. even more DELICIOUS ! i had alotta fun today :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Guy In Town

His name is Levi && he's everything a girl could ask in a lover. lol He's extra sweet && i love that hes able to show how much he cares about me. He's so easy to talk to, never judgemental, soo funny. Levi always knows when something is wrong && always knows the right things to do and say to cheer me up. He brightens my day everytime I'm with him and when i hear his voice, nothing else matters. I'm so grateful to have someone like him in my life. Some who appreciates my presence as much as i do his. && what makes it so much more enjoyable && easy to be myself around him, is the fact that we were best friends for like a year..secretly liking one another. we went to each other for everything. Even my dad likes him lol ! Levi's a blessing. on April 24th we'll make 5 months. not so long lol, but worth every minute.a 10 month friendship + a 4 1/2 month relationship= perfection ! =D
[Levi + Daisy]
[11.24.09..hate on it !] lol
//Signed Daisy [8:27pm]

SOO 7 MONTHS AGO, I BRAGGED ABOUT MY sWEET 16 PAARTY && about how i was gona post pictures. well here i am..March 2010 && im fulfilling my promise. [Better laate than never.] It was really fun ! i was surprised to see so many people there. i really appreciated all of their love =D ! im too lazy to post any more pix right now. again i promise they will be up soon. !
//Signed Daisy [8:14pm]