Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy X-mas && Merry New Year

Happy Holidaysz fellow bloggers. Hope you enjoyed X-mas and are very much looking forward to the new year.
Well there isn't really too much to say except that
this year round i actually visited some family in Florida!
i miss them already && i thought i'd share 1 or 2 things with you guys!
of course we had to create the one && only Mr.GangstaSanta lol

&& i did do lots of shopping demolishing one of my gifts which was money. (i'll be showing some of the items i bought in future blogs) && i actually learned how to climb a tree. after several attempts and a few scrapes here and there, it was a success( view below pix)! =)
&& although i don't make New Years resolutions anymore {i never stick to them} i hope you have some very special ones, and unlike me, be sure to follow through! Haha
Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The GetAway

So yesterday my sister, our two friends and I decided we wanted to get away from home. The best we came up with was to go to one of the most common malls in Brooklyn....Kings Plaza! When we first walked in, we had no idea where to start. I hadn't been there in so long that i didn't even realize that they moved H&M and gave it a second floor. How amazing is that?!?! && to top it all off, there was the cutest high-waisted skirt with to buttons on each side. Gosh i wish i had a picture. But sadly i did not get it. I had 30 dollars left and the skirt was 25 dollars. which isn't bad at all, but that would've wiped me out && i wasn't planning on going home with just a t-shirt and a skirt....awww man...i need 2 go back and snatch it up...&& pay for it of course lol
But anyway we stopped at Victoria Secret after our trip to Cinnabon && checked out some random things like journals? lol (of all things this store has to offer)

(that's me down there lol)

We also stopped in Aldo Accessories and got caught up in a sale. "2 for 1" Buy 2 pieces and pay for one
I bought a necklace with a lip charm (i think) hanging from it, && silver hooped earrings

Yeah these are the four amigos
left:tanaya mL:Seandra mR:me Right:Damaris(my sister)

I was excited because i was able to flaunt my bright pink pea coat that my mom bought my from NewJersey!


....and then there were three. so we ended the night with a birthday dinner for Seandra (left) at BBQ's. but my day ended horribly when i lost 20$ and couldn't pay for my dinner. But luckily her mom was nice enough to pay for me. i did get in trouble but....w/e...it was my money...i should be the only person that gets to be upset right?........right!