Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy X-mas && Merry New Year

Happy Holidaysz fellow bloggers. Hope you enjoyed X-mas and are very much looking forward to the new year.
Well there isn't really too much to say except that
this year round i actually visited some family in Florida!
i miss them already && i thought i'd share 1 or 2 things with you guys!
of course we had to create the one && only Mr.GangstaSanta lol

&& i did do lots of shopping demolishing one of my gifts which was money. (i'll be showing some of the items i bought in future blogs) && i actually learned how to climb a tree. after several attempts and a few scrapes here and there, it was a success( view below pix)! =)
&& although i don't make New Years resolutions anymore {i never stick to them} i hope you have some very special ones, and unlike me, be sure to follow through! Haha
Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The GetAway

So yesterday my sister, our two friends and I decided we wanted to get away from home. The best we came up with was to go to one of the most common malls in Brooklyn....Kings Plaza! When we first walked in, we had no idea where to start. I hadn't been there in so long that i didn't even realize that they moved H&M and gave it a second floor. How amazing is that?!?! && to top it all off, there was the cutest high-waisted skirt with to buttons on each side. Gosh i wish i had a picture. But sadly i did not get it. I had 30 dollars left and the skirt was 25 dollars. which isn't bad at all, but that would've wiped me out && i wasn't planning on going home with just a t-shirt and a skirt....awww man...i need 2 go back and snatch it up...&& pay for it of course lol
But anyway we stopped at Victoria Secret after our trip to Cinnabon && checked out some random things like journals? lol (of all things this store has to offer)

(that's me down there lol)

We also stopped in Aldo Accessories and got caught up in a sale. "2 for 1" Buy 2 pieces and pay for one
I bought a necklace with a lip charm (i think) hanging from it, && silver hooped earrings

Yeah these are the four amigos
left:tanaya mL:Seandra mR:me Right:Damaris(my sister)

I was excited because i was able to flaunt my bright pink pea coat that my mom bought my from NewJersey!


....and then there were three. so we ended the night with a birthday dinner for Seandra (left) at BBQ's. but my day ended horribly when i lost 20$ and couldn't pay for my dinner. But luckily her mom was nice enough to pay for me. i did get in trouble but....w/e...it was my money...i should be the only person that gets to be upset right?........right!


Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today, for me, was the most dreariest day EVER! i hadn't left my house once. not even to sit on my balcony and watch the cars drive by, or laugh at the squirrels fighting in the trees lol. oh the pictures above && below were taken from my window. (in case u were wondering how i got them)&& another thing that just made things worse is that i have to fight a case of PMS for the rest of the weekend Lmao! when in doubt just laugh! wow...can u believe any of this...

so to name some of the few things i did this saturday, one was re- reading some of my favorite parts of Stephanie Meyer's Breaking Dawn

Like when Bella first realizes she's pregnant with a half human half vampire baby; and when Edward finally turns her; && when the baby was born; && in the end when the Volturi has come to diminish the Cullen family
This book was beyond amazing, && i cried when it ended because i knew there wasn't another sequel tto read. honestly, i really didn't know wat to do with myself when the book ended.

Now i guess i'll just have to wait until 11.21.08 arrives;
that's when i'll be able to see Edward's gorgeous face. (well really Robert Pattinson) but who cares he is way HOT! lol

Until then, i decided to skim through my new issue of TEEN VOGUE
which was a bad idea because Kristen Stewart was on the cover which meant....yea Twilight was featured in it! yea but it's ok because i was able to control myself
However, i was kind of disappointed that they didn't show Jacob Black played by the GORGEOUS Taylor Lautner
i love him!

&& i actually came across these two new and young dominican models!
i fell in love with what they were wearing. Especially the one on the left. her blue skirt is waaaay k-yute!

so in the end, i found something that pleased me....sorta (lol)
&& i'm going to watch the new episode of Keke Palmer's new sitcom Jackson VP tonight
saturday may not end up so bad after all! =)


Friday, November 14, 2008

Appearence on the TyraShow

Finally found the video

I'm the girl wearing the jumper skirt with the

bright green and orange!


visit the above site if you aren't able to view the video!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PowerShoT Desire

My old camera...well it's actually my dad's,...doesn't work as well as i would like it to. I mean it takes pix and all of the above but i'm craving something more....up to date or...professional. Something that would make me say "oh wow, that looks really good."

Like the Canon PowerShot A590 IS 8-Megapixel Digital Camera

Doesn't it look GORGEOUS?!?!
this camera could definitely satisfy my craving. && if i get it, i would so post way more pix on this blog. So hopefully by Christmas, i can convince my daddy to by it for me! Haha
&& it only costs $129.99 at CircuitCity.
Can you believe it's $149.99 at Target?!?! i cannot believe they'd sell there's for 20$ more. I don't know about you, but that a big difference. I mean you could do a decent about of things with 20$. That is if you know what you're doing lol.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I was At the TyraShow!!!!

So if you didn't already know, i am a HUGE Miley Cyrus fan. I love her music, her show, her style (well....Selena Gomez's style is more me...) But anyway, Miley is very inspirational. So about a week and a half ago, I wrote to the TyraShow.com explaining how much it would mean to me if she invited Miley on her show. Little did i know that Saturday, October 25,2008, i was going to get a call from Tyra's producers. They asked me if i was a big Miley fan and i said "DUH!" LOL. Then i was notified that they would be filming an episode dedicated to Miley && her 16th birthday. She askedme if i wanted to be a guest on the show as a supportive Miley Cyrus fan. Guess wat I said?......you got it...DUH! LOL. So Tuesday a car was sent from the TyraCompany for me and my mom to attend this taping. && after i almost became suicidal trying to find a outfit to wear, we finally headed off to the studio.

Sadly, we weren't allowed to bring our cameras && phones inside so i have no pix of myself with Tyra. && Miley couldn't make it.

But i did meet Samuel L. Jackson (he told me he liked my orange and pick flowered converses), and Affion Crockett. They're both hilarious.

I had such a good time. If only i were able to take pix of myself and Tyra...and of course Sam L. Jackson.

But that was one of the best days of my life and it was worth every bit!

Here's a "random" pic of wat i wore that day....


-Graphic Tee: Charlotte Russe

-Orange Tank: Wet Seal

-Jumper Skirt: a store at KingsPlaza

-Green Skinny Jeans: Wet Seal

-Hair: Mom did it LOLz


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kute GraDez Means " K-yute" OutFit =)

Okay so Thursday was the first parent teacher conference of the school year. && Guess what? I did BEYOND WELL!!!
And i know i've spoke about my grades in a previous post, but this time the truth is exposed! && i'm so friggin' HAPPY!!!
Lol Not trying to like brag or anything, but I think I should definitely be excited to have a 92 average! So anyway, in honor of my success I decided to throw together something "KewLz"

Well it was comfortable lol!
Especially my new RAINBOW scarf from Old Navy And my tanish t-shirt from, a small store in RidgeWood, that read
"NewYork" in a few different colors.

And my brown wedged BamBoo high boots
I felt extra tall

And finally my orange shoulder bag from RainBowStores.

A "kute" outfit for some "kute" GradesSz =)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

ScHooL MaDneSs CuReD By ShoPPinG

So glad saturday is finally here. Any High School student can relate to this. From having to take PSAT's this Wednesday, to receiving progress reports and taking unecessary last minute exams, tests and quizzes so the teacher could "use it to base your report card grade on something." What does that even mean.....Well I know what it means...but why is it necessary??? Ha idk but..yea

I came home last night at 12 am, threw myself onto my bed, and passed out for about 11 hours lol.

Parent teacher conference is next week. I'm an A student and I'm usually not nervous...but for some reason I kind of am this time around. Maybe it's because I'm new to school, and that environment. I don't know. I do my homework. I participate all of the time and the lowest I've gotten on a test or quiz is a 70% which isn't half bad...but it doesn't satisfy me. The highest I've gotten is a 100%

Well some good news is that I auditoned for chorus and yesterday I found out that I made it. YAY! You could check out some vids of me singing on YOUTUBE. {www.youtube.com/MzDaizyxx3} if you have and account please subscribe.

Anyway, for entertainment this weekend. I plan to go see my cousins, watch disney channel and order stuff. On WetSeal.com there are these boots that I want & they cost 30$. But I found a better pair at CutesyGirl.com for just 19.99$. Isn't that amazing?!? They are purple (my fav color) booties! They're so HOT!!! && So I'm going to get them. And then of course I have to be involved in WetSeal's sale <buy 1 graphic tee get 1 half off && 15$ jeans> How great is that??? And if you haven't noticed, I gotta have my graphic tees!!! DUH! Haha So my weekend may not sound too exciting but WatEv...I'm getting NEW BOOTS LoL!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

PerFection eQuaLz GosLing && DiCaprio

MaJor OhEmGee
For some reason I'm just so in the mood right now. Why? I'm not entirely sure. However, I know part of it is because my two most favorite movies EVER...are both showing at the same time. Two romance flicks; The NoteBook and Titanic. I love Ryan Gosling and Leonardo DiCaprio! Not only because they're SUPER HOT in these movies, but because of their characters. Did you ever realize they both were poor guys fallin for beautiful rich girls? I guess that's why they both attracted me so much. And although this may all be sounding great to the people who share the love of these movies with me, there's a slight dilema. I have to keep clicking back and forth to each movie every couple of seconds. And the best parts of the movies are usually showing at the same time LoL...I don't know why I'm laughing...but whatever...anyway. Yea, I'm still going to watch both somehow. Us Gosling && DiCaprio freaks usually finds ways to enjoy both! LoL...ok now that was the appropriate time to slip out a small chuckle haha...and another =P. ~Daisy* xoxo

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WeT SeaL iz My LyFe

I am Constantly on Wet Seal's website just browsing for cute tops, bottoms, shoes or anything. They always have the cutest things available on sale for a wonderful price. For example, their graphic tees...wow...I could spend all of my money on just those. I love the funny logos and pics that are featured on them. I actually bought one that said hip hop hooray! It caught my eye and I just had to buy it. Besides their tees, I love the sandals. Although in a few weeks it'll be too cool for sandals, I still bought them. They were only 10$ and I got them in black and gold! They work amazingly with skinny jeans which are one of my many obsessions. Especially the colored ones. I simply love WetSeal.com!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Converse Obsession!!!

Okay, today I went to the movie theatre with some friends. I'd say it was about twelve of us all together. But before I met up with everyone I was undergoing a MASSIVE CRISIS. I could not find any sandals or sneakers to wear with my "RETRO" outfit (as my younger sister calls it).
I had five minutes left to catch up with my friends and not miss the movies. Therefore, I so needed to hurry up! As I was about to rip my hair out of its' roots and run down the street screaming,"What sneakers will I wear today?!?!?!"......I spotted something peeking from behind my door. Not caring any more, I just decided to wear the pink skull-head converse sneakers that stared at me. I was so not planning to put them on...but surprisingly, they really worked with the outfit. I was so....not expecting it. They went so well with everything I was wearing. Because of this, my day turned out so well. I really enjoyed myself! Although the movie we saw wasn't as pleasing as I expected (Lake View Terrace)...I had fun just hanging out and taking a plethora of photos!

Signed// Daisy


Hey it's Daisy. Welcome to my very first blog. I'm kind of new to this, so first I guess I'll tell you about.....Me! Haha. My birthday is 9-1-93 so I've just turned 15. Umm.. I'm from New York and I love to sing and act. Second to those I Love Love shopping and taking pix. I love colorful things and pieces that stand out. My favorite stores are Wet Seal, Forever 21, H&M AND 5-7-9. Umm.. Oh I love to read and watch movies. My favorite authors are Stephanie Meyer and Nicholas Sparks. My Favorite movies are Titanic, The NoteBook, and Eagle Eye. (Although I just prefer horror andd romance)
Um..I guess that all I can really think of now. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask, really!!!

Signed// Daisy