Saturday, May 23, 2009

he's a cute one

heyy bloggers...
boys boys boys.....yes
LipGloss&&FrenchFries (me and my two best friends bria & gyasi)
are all going through boy troubles...all at the same time. what a coincidence. but not with the same boys lol (duh!)
i really don't want to get into detail because of personal...stuff but yea
liking boys who already have girlfriends sux. you always question whether ur trying to hard for attention, and ur always wondering if they think ur just some annoying stalker..(or maybe that's just me) idk
something tells me that ur gonna think this post is rather pointless since i'm sparing the details...but that's pretty sure there are some girls out there who are going through boy troubles and understand where im coming from.
but just know he's a cute one, i like him, i think....he may like me back, but he has a girlfriend...or a "wifeyy" (brooklyn slang lol) whatever u wanna call her...any advice?