Saturday, August 29, 2009

:) Suppa hypee.!

My Sweet 16 Birthday Party iiSz in 27 hOurSz

Piix will be pOsted.!!!!!

stay tuned.!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Apollo w|Michael Jackson

So i was been supposed to post this, but i was waiting for our pictures to be sent.
&& it looks long but trust me its really interesting...if it wasn't, i wouldn't have wasted my time typing it!

June 30,2009, there was a memorial celebration or the legend...icon...&&
KING of POP: Michael J. Jackson.

It was held at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, NY...where Michael and his brothers (Jackson 5) first performed.
The celebration started at 2pm and 600 people were let in at a time to participate in the 45min tribute.
Sounds like things would be moving pretty quickly right? Well, they weren't! Me, Gyasi, Emily, my sister Damaris and my Dad arrived at 2:30pm sharp and the line was already wrapped around the took us about 3hours just to get near the theatre, and we were even near the doors yet. (however, we were REALLY close)
Gyasi has about 5 of his very first albums including "Bad"...&& everyone from different radio stations and websites wanted to interview us and take our pictures. The sun was blazing (87 degrees).
Everyone was singing, dancing, greeting each other, and just celebrating Michael's life.
That is until i got chaotic.
First people started cutting the line, and then it RAINED!
And it wasn't just a drizzle

There was the lightening, the thunder, buckets of water pouring down on us...we were crowded by other fans, it was hot and sticky...there streets flooded with dirty water & i was wearing sandals.
Everything I had on was BEYOND soaked. People were becoming crazy, chanting, "LET US IN, LET US IN"


i know ur like WTF is she crazy? lol but honestly i really enjoyed myself.
Sadly i never got to go inside because of the flooding and everything,
our cameras & phones were being damaged
&& eventually we just left.

Gyasi & Emily stayed& waited another 2hours in the storm...& when they finally got inside, the tribute was shortened to 10min (that sux)

all in all, it was quite an experience!

Go to: to see our 4 second interview (lol)

scroll down to Michael Jackson Memorial and watch the YouTube vid!

we're at 1:15 (fast forward to 1min and 15sec) :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

sup losers :)


long time no post

well school is over...sadly...for me.

i'm going to miss everybody...bria, gyasi (i'm gonna see them like everyday so watev lol), umm...tarique, shantale, syrett, tia, ali, levi, lynasia, yanii, maxx, brent, cory, kanedra....&& anybody i may have forgotten, (just to name a few) BSMT,Brooklyn School For Music & Theatre, was definitely LIVE!...I had lots of fun getting in to trouble, getting out of trouble, passing tests, failing tests, observing drama as well as being in drama, MsCervellino's class....&& most of all BOYSSSZSZ!!! lol

I'm going to miss specific names...but they might know who they are....

but then again, I've got the whole summer to "have fun"

but guess wat.?!.........

yea I'm having a me, bria, gyasi, tarique & kyrie were in a fashion show last night (62609)...but that's not wat i was going to tell you.....

the real news is that i, Daisy, am having a



Saturday, May 23, 2009

he's a cute one

heyy bloggers...
boys boys boys.....yes
LipGloss&&FrenchFries (me and my two best friends bria & gyasi)
are all going through boy troubles...all at the same time. what a coincidence. but not with the same boys lol (duh!)
i really don't want to get into detail because of personal...stuff but yea
liking boys who already have girlfriends sux. you always question whether ur trying to hard for attention, and ur always wondering if they think ur just some annoying stalker..(or maybe that's just me) idk
something tells me that ur gonna think this post is rather pointless since i'm sparing the details...but that's pretty sure there are some girls out there who are going through boy troubles and understand where im coming from.
but just know he's a cute one, i like him, i think....he may like me back, but he has a girlfriend...or a "wifeyy" (brooklyn slang lol) whatever u wanna call her...any advice?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer is right across the street

not literally of course

but we've just reached spring right?... the weather should be cool and breezy...around 65-70 degrees...but not in the Big Apple

only in New York can you wear a thick heavy jacket (exaggeration) one day and then the next day it's fudging 90 degrees...mayJor OMjonas

is it just me or is that not weird?....but at least i was finally able to wear shorts

(something i haven't done since like...August) surprising? I KNOW RIGHT! haha

so whats new you ask...nada did i mention boys...

(who loves to play games with the female mind) stuff sux...but then can suck

so ya juss gotta live it to the fullest && make it ROCK!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Snow on the First Day of Spring

It is March 20Th guys, the first day of Spring!
it's supposed to be the coolest day of the year since its supposed to start getting warm.
but guess wat?! it wasn't
it's the first day of spring yet it was snowing when i left for school
suckish much?
My dad had called from work to let me know but for some reason i didn't believe him.
but boy did i regret that when i got outside.
no umbrella!
waiting for the bus!
forgetting to buy snacks from the corner store!
yea i'm always hungry but i gain no weight!

But the day ended really usual.
SPW [ student production workshop for the off- Broadway play "Alky"]
always cheers me up. I get the be around weird people for to hours before i end my day.
sound strange? the weird people i know are strange, but that why i love them!
they make me laugh like... all the time and its kewl to be around them.
[Gyasi, Bria, Tarique, Moe, Angel, Syrett] they're the weirdest! Haha!

enough of my ("depressing") hours...
Gyasi's was "hollered" at but a 20/16 year old in her younger sister's mind [LoL]
i don't think u'd understand the "joke" but it was worth a shot!
[check it out]...hilarious stuff


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hola! long time no post =)
gosh i've missed the few people to take the time out of the kewl lives to read what i have to say! But this time you're not only reading...I have a video/slide show of my...excuse me i mean our new blog!
it may be below of above this post. idk but i know it's there

but Don't worry I'll deff. still post here as much as possible, but i just wanted to fill you in on another blog that me and my bestiesz made.


weird much? i know but its different, and in the city, you could never be too different. Like Gyasi says, "we're all home-e-toes" LoL..don't ask...actually, do ask! but not me...her(

Anywaysz, you can reach me, Gyasi or Bria at

where we will post in video forms much as we can. Please do us the huge favor and visit that site, leave comments, and follow. We will return the favor!

More news, I'm in an off-Broadway play at the famous Roundabout Theatre! Yay
i was cast unexpectedly the day after i auditioned, along with Bria who's so fabo that she was also cast as Alice in the play Alice in Wonderland back in January at our school. So yea, you'll deff. be receiving updates from us in the city. Until then...adios amigos!



Monday, January 26, 2009

current mood....

i know i've been blabbing and going on about these major && important && annoying && just plain 'ol bull Sugar Honey Ice Tea exams lately...but good don't have to hear about them anymore...well at least the few people who do read this blog...yea it's because the day is finally here...dreadfully. Tomorrow is the big day and to be honest...i feel like running away LoL...
ok not really but that's how scared i am. i mean these tests determine whether i graduate.
&& although that's not 'till another 2 years, its still very important.
in class we've been going over questions that may show up on the actual exam...some aren't completely hard, but others.....ewwww they stink so fuDgin' bad!!!
i'm nervous.....very nervous. but can do it...i mean as long as i score a 65% or higher, i'm good.
but of course i'll want way i higher than that because in my home, a 65 is so not passing. therefore, all my life, my mind has been set to recieve an 80 or better. and its been working since like 2nd grade...or 3rd...but yea
Wish me luck, or blessings, or just pray for me...cuz i'll need it!!!

"the stressed look"......think it works for me?....don't answer that!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The grey Carigan meetsz BeLow Zero (-0)

Well the isn't below zero but the wind chill is. Negative 22 to be exact. The actual weather was 15 degress. i had to wear my puffy coat, a sweater, a hoodie and a grey cardigan. well it's my mom's && i was surprised she let me wear it because when she saw me with it on, she began to yap and blab about how i'm going to freeze and become stiff and cold...Haha i just had to laugh to myself about the things she said. but i gotta love her. she's only being protective && concerned.
Skewl wasz kewl (whoa that rhymed :D)
but i did have to take a horrible math test. but then i found out someone has a crush on me which really brightened my day!!!....
umm i have no school monday so this weekend i may just "chillax".....well i'll at least try LoL
but i definitely have to see that new horror movie in 3D "My Bloody Valentine"
so i guess i'm almost guarenteed to leave this house this weekend.
Until next time, have fun doing whatever you do and stay warm!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Yea i know...2 posts in one day...that's a bit me.But today we started reviewing for Math B regents (its just this HUGE test that high schoolers in New York are required to take to graduate) not all students have to take this one specifically but if you want an advanced regents diploma which is like the best you could should really take this test. But it just stresses me out because its so challenging && difficult. && i really loved math before i was introduced to math B. and i actually have an advantage because this is advanced math. & usually only 12th graders, seniors, get this math && I'm only in the 10th grade, sophomore. But its no as exciting as it used to be to have class with 12th graders because now i've encountered all of this...suckish work && it really isn't kewl! && plus during Drama class, my partner and i didn't even get to perform our scene which kinda pissed me off more...But i was comfortable && confident with what i wore today so...i guess that's kewl....LoL notice how i always seem to connect my situation to clothing...think i need help?...maybe :D
But i rate my day with a 6 out of 10 (it's something new) you should try it!


Alice in WonderLand

...well the title really has nothing to do with this post. Except that yesterday && today was and is the opening of our school play Alice in WonderLand...&& my best friend is Alice!

But I actually got the hat that i wanted from forever21 (which is posted in an earlier post) && really wanted to share it on the net.

Also, i had to bribe my younger sister to take these pictures so i hope you like them as much as I appreciate them!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Late much?

Do you think it's too late to create a new years resolution? maybe not...&& i kinda promised myself that i wouldn't make one because i've stopped sticking to them after some years. But anyway my resolution is to snatch up these pieces below. not meaning steal them, of course i'll pay LoL but i would really like to get these. i actually jusst got the hat on Friday but i really want the skirt && the teal stone wash jeans. There's also a Beatles t-shirt that i want that would probably go great with the jeans. Hopefully i'll stick to this resolution && get these! You can feel free to hope for me too :D

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bienvenidos 2009

wow, 2009 is here && i feel no different than i did 10 hours ago. Haha! with a new year aren't we supposed to feel different or....older? idk but i feel...fine.
I am going to miss 2008 though. with all of the good and bad things that it brought along...
1 good thing: i actually discovered blogging and created a blog.
nothing fancy or anything, but its very kewl in my
opinion && it allows you to associate with different
people who have common interests which i also think is
oh && also Barack Obama was elected president of 2009-2012 or 13....i think..LoL ( that's 2 things right?) but anywho, it
officially makes him the
really KEWL haha!
i actually feel kinda sad that '08 isz gone. so many things occurred. so many discoveries made, friendships created and lost{ =( }.'s actually gone. But i gained much knowledge && a lot more, so i'm very thankful!

Well i hope you enjoy the rest of this special crazy day filled with family, friends, champagne, loudness, happiness && much more! LoL
HAPPY NEW YEAR bloggersz
much love,