Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy X-mas && Merry New Year

Happy Holidaysz fellow bloggers. Hope you enjoyed X-mas and are very much looking forward to the new year.
Well there isn't really too much to say except that
this year round i actually visited some family in Florida!
i miss them already && i thought i'd share 1 or 2 things with you guys!
of course we had to create the one && only Mr.GangstaSanta lol

&& i did do lots of shopping demolishing one of my gifts which was money. (i'll be showing some of the items i bought in future blogs) && i actually learned how to climb a tree. after several attempts and a few scrapes here and there, it was a success( view below pix)! =)
&& although i don't make New Years resolutions anymore {i never stick to them} i hope you have some very special ones, and unlike me, be sure to follow through! Haha
Happy Holidays!


Francesca said...

Of course I don't mind! Good luck with the Teen Vogue Girl of the week! I hope you enjoyed your holidays =]

aubrey said...

u applied for teen vogu egirl of the week?:)
not bad,got my fingers crossed!!:)
ohh i love the shoes!:)