Saturday, June 27, 2009

sup losers :)


long time no post

well school is over...sadly...for me.

i'm going to miss everybody...bria, gyasi (i'm gonna see them like everyday so watev lol), umm...tarique, shantale, syrett, tia, ali, levi, lynasia, yanii, maxx, brent, cory, kanedra....&& anybody i may have forgotten, (just to name a few) BSMT,Brooklyn School For Music & Theatre, was definitely LIVE!...I had lots of fun getting in to trouble, getting out of trouble, passing tests, failing tests, observing drama as well as being in drama, MsCervellino's class....&& most of all BOYSSSZSZ!!! lol

I'm going to miss specific names...but they might know who they are....

but then again, I've got the whole summer to "have fun"

but guess wat.?!.........

yea I'm having a me, bria, gyasi, tarique & kyrie were in a fashion show last night (62609)...but that's not wat i was going to tell you.....

the real news is that i, Daisy, am having a



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That Girl said...

ahh same here.

woo party ^.^

you left all the bloggers alone D':