Wednesday, March 31, 2010

midnight snack? more like midnight meal..

soo after i took a break from the computer earlier, i took a Tylenol PM so i could go to sleep..just to pass time. my parents are going down south tomorrow, but somehow i woke up thinking they were leaving tonight. I'm looking at them like..ohk why are u still here. then i realize its only Wednesday. smh.
anywho, i woke up extra hungry since i hadn't eaten since like 5pm..its now 11:09pm..I'm starving. instead of ur traditional midnight...well late night snack, im having pasta from UNO's that consists of grilled chicken, noodles, jalapenos && cheese =D..too much for it to be so late.
but I'm not gonna go hungry for the rest of the night.
plus eating will help keep my mind off of my disobedient keyboard. as i was just telling, it refuses to type everything correctly. like it'll miss a few letters, or a whole word. i was typing to my friend bria without looking at the computer screen. i hit enter && she replied "wats up with ur keyboard" thats when i noticed i'd non-purposely written a bunch of gibber-jabber lol. im not so sure why its being so cooperative now.
but until next outty

//Signed Daisy

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