Friday, April 9, 2010

band head !

i just joined a band last week...a marching band. with like drummers, trumpet players, tuba players, mellophone players...the whole entourage. im a dancer however. i dont play any instruments. i stick within my comfort zone since i've been dancing since...a long time lol. but yesterday i found out that during competitions the dancers have to wear like weaves && laced wigs && stuff. ewwwwww !

not that theres anything wrong with fake hair. but thats not my thing. i like my own hair. && it has length. i dont wana wear extensions..blah. but i really like dancing with them && i want to compete so i guess i have no choice.
Next week, me && the rest of my school's dance company are going to see an Alvin Ailey Dance Show ! wooooo ! im soo hypee lol. i've been watching some of their vids on YouTube. so inspirational.

but today was soo..blah ! i was PMS-ing lol, so everything annoyed me. i tried not to expose it too much but my bf noticed. he made me feel better of course. well when he was around that is. i was just so uncomfortable && in that "don't bother me" mood. i still kinda am, but it makes life even worse, so im just chillax-in for now i guess. My bestie bria just left about 30min ago. it was so cold outside while we were walking to the bus && she had on nothing but a jean jacket. smh.

Its so weird how NYC went from 86 degrees to 56 degrees with in two day. wat the "H"!
yeaa, just get my hopes up && then freeze me to death :(

daddy's making waffles at 9:25 pm. yumm !

i've been feeling so distant from Levi lately. but i'll elaborate on that more next time, im getting lazy.

//signed Daisy

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