Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Converse Obsession!!!

Okay, today I went to the movie theatre with some friends. I'd say it was about twelve of us all together. But before I met up with everyone I was undergoing a MASSIVE CRISIS. I could not find any sandals or sneakers to wear with my "RETRO" outfit (as my younger sister calls it).
I had five minutes left to catch up with my friends and not miss the movies. Therefore, I so needed to hurry up! As I was about to rip my hair out of its' roots and run down the street screaming,"What sneakers will I wear today?!?!?!"......I spotted something peeking from behind my door. Not caring any more, I just decided to wear the pink skull-head converse sneakers that stared at me. I was so not planning to put them on...but surprisingly, they really worked with the outfit. I was so....not expecting it. They went so well with everything I was wearing. Because of this, my day turned out so well. I really enjoyed myself! Although the movie we saw wasn't as pleasing as I expected (Lake View Terrace)...I had fun just hanging out and taking a plethora of photos!

Signed// Daisy

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