Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kute GraDez Means " K-yute" OutFit =)

Okay so Thursday was the first parent teacher conference of the school year. && Guess what? I did BEYOND WELL!!!
And i know i've spoke about my grades in a previous post, but this time the truth is exposed! && i'm so friggin' HAPPY!!!
Lol Not trying to like brag or anything, but I think I should definitely be excited to have a 92 average! So anyway, in honor of my success I decided to throw together something "KewLz"

Well it was comfortable lol!
Especially my new RAINBOW scarf from Old Navy And my tanish t-shirt from, a small store in RidgeWood, that read
"NewYork" in a few different colors.

And my brown wedged BamBoo high boots
I felt extra tall

And finally my orange shoulder bag from RainBowStores.

A "kute" outfit for some "kute" GradesSz =)


Meanshots22 said...

the whole outfit was cute. i wish i had good grades when i was in high school so i could get money, but unfortunately i didnt so i had to buy my own clothes. lol. love the blog

Kai J said...

kewl i loved the outfit it is very cute and omgee i just bought a rainbow scarf from old navy too but mines is different but i'll be posting pictures soon so u can see it.& wow congrats on ur good grades i just wished my grades were as good as urs lol.