Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bienvenidos 2009

wow, 2009 is here && i feel no different than i did 10 hours ago. Haha! with a new year aren't we supposed to feel different or....older? idk but i feel...fine.
I am going to miss 2008 though. with all of the good and bad things that it brought along...
1 good thing: i actually discovered blogging and created a blog.
nothing fancy or anything, but its very kewl in my
opinion && it allows you to associate with different
people who have common interests which i also think is
oh && also Barack Obama was elected president of 2009-2012 or 13....i think..LoL ( that's 2 things right?) but anywho, it
officially makes him the
really KEWL haha!
i actually feel kinda sad that '08 isz gone. so many things occurred. so many discoveries made, friendships created and lost{ =( }.'s actually gone. But i gained much knowledge && a lot more, so i'm very thankful!

Well i hope you enjoy the rest of this special crazy day filled with family, friends, champagne, loudness, happiness && much more! LoL
HAPPY NEW YEAR bloggersz
much love,

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That Girl said...

happy new year :D :D :D