Friday, March 20, 2009

Snow on the First Day of Spring

It is March 20Th guys, the first day of Spring!
it's supposed to be the coolest day of the year since its supposed to start getting warm.
but guess wat?! it wasn't
it's the first day of spring yet it was snowing when i left for school
suckish much?
My dad had called from work to let me know but for some reason i didn't believe him.
but boy did i regret that when i got outside.
no umbrella!
waiting for the bus!
forgetting to buy snacks from the corner store!
yea i'm always hungry but i gain no weight!

But the day ended really usual.
SPW [ student production workshop for the off- Broadway play "Alky"]
always cheers me up. I get the be around weird people for to hours before i end my day.
sound strange? the weird people i know are strange, but that why i love them!
they make me laugh like... all the time and its kewl to be around them.
[Gyasi, Bria, Tarique, Moe, Angel, Syrett] they're the weirdest! Haha!

enough of my ("depressing") hours...
Gyasi's was "hollered" at but a 20/16 year old in her younger sister's mind [LoL]
i don't think u'd understand the "joke" but it was worth a shot!
[check it out]...hilarious stuff


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