Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer is right across the street

not literally of course

but we've just reached spring right?... the weather should be cool and breezy...around 65-70 degrees...but not in the Big Apple

only in New York can you wear a thick heavy jacket (exaggeration) one day and then the next day it's fudging 90 degrees...mayJor OMjonas

is it just me or is that not weird?....but at least i was finally able to wear shorts

(something i haven't done since like...August) surprising? I KNOW RIGHT! haha

so whats new you ask...nada much...clothes...food...bboys...tv...school...&& did i mention boys...

(who loves to play games with the female mind) stuff sux...but then again...life can suck

so ya juss gotta live it to the fullest && make it ROCK!


That Girl said...

weird weather D:
kinda like that here. one minute it was sunny and hot then it was hailing and lightening set a building on fire D:

and gah tell me about it. boys ftl.

erin meagan said...

that pop of yellow rocks!
i'm glad to be able to wear shorts again.