Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Guy In Town

His name is Levi && he's everything a girl could ask in a lover. lol He's extra sweet && i love that hes able to show how much he cares about me. He's so easy to talk to, never judgemental, soo funny. Levi always knows when something is wrong && always knows the right things to do and say to cheer me up. He brightens my day everytime I'm with him and when i hear his voice, nothing else matters. I'm so grateful to have someone like him in my life. Some who appreciates my presence as much as i do his. && what makes it so much more enjoyable && easy to be myself around him, is the fact that we were best friends for like a year..secretly liking one another. we went to each other for everything. Even my dad likes him lol ! Levi's a blessing. on April 24th we'll make 5 months. not so long lol, but worth every minute.a 10 month friendship + a 4 1/2 month relationship= perfection ! =D
[Levi + Daisy]
[11.24.09..hate on it !] lol
//Signed Daisy [8:27pm]

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