Monday, January 26, 2009

current mood....

i know i've been blabbing and going on about these major && important && annoying && just plain 'ol bull Sugar Honey Ice Tea exams lately...but good don't have to hear about them anymore...well at least the few people who do read this blog...yea it's because the day is finally here...dreadfully. Tomorrow is the big day and to be honest...i feel like running away LoL...
ok not really but that's how scared i am. i mean these tests determine whether i graduate.
&& although that's not 'till another 2 years, its still very important.
in class we've been going over questions that may show up on the actual exam...some aren't completely hard, but others.....ewwww they stink so fuDgin' bad!!!
i'm nervous.....very nervous. but can do it...i mean as long as i score a 65% or higher, i'm good.
but of course i'll want way i higher than that because in my home, a 65 is so not passing. therefore, all my life, my mind has been set to recieve an 80 or better. and its been working since like 2nd grade...or 3rd...but yea
Wish me luck, or blessings, or just pray for me...cuz i'll need it!!!

"the stressed look"......think it works for me?....don't answer that!


That Girl said...

yay good luck
i'm sure u'll be fine
if you panic loads, you'll be spending all your time worrying and will forget to do the exam xD
good luck!!!

greenpanda said...

Good luck, break a leg and any other way to say good luck there is!!!
The stressed look works ;)

The Clothes Horse said...

Love your vest. Good luck with the test and everything. I really hope you do well.
P.S. We could trade homes, but you wouldn't be any warmer--there's lots of snow here. I just meant that I'd rather be in a city like NYC even if the temps were the same. :)

Amelia said...

Cute vest! Good luck with everything. I hate exams.