Monday, January 5, 2009

Late much?

Do you think it's too late to create a new years resolution? maybe not...&& i kinda promised myself that i wouldn't make one because i've stopped sticking to them after some years. But anyway my resolution is to snatch up these pieces below. not meaning steal them, of course i'll pay LoL but i would really like to get these. i actually jusst got the hat on Friday but i really want the skirt && the teal stone wash jeans. There's also a Beatles t-shirt that i want that would probably go great with the jeans. Hopefully i'll stick to this resolution && get these! You can feel free to hope for me too :D


Jenny H. said...

i really like the skirt.
cute blog.

That Girl said...

oooooh i love the skirt, and the necklace and the ring.
the leopard print top is also v.nice

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following and thanks for the nice commentage :) love, Scribble Monkeyz