Friday, January 16, 2009

The grey Carigan meetsz BeLow Zero (-0)

Well the isn't below zero but the wind chill is. Negative 22 to be exact. The actual weather was 15 degress. i had to wear my puffy coat, a sweater, a hoodie and a grey cardigan. well it's my mom's && i was surprised she let me wear it because when she saw me with it on, she began to yap and blab about how i'm going to freeze and become stiff and cold...Haha i just had to laugh to myself about the things she said. but i gotta love her. she's only being protective && concerned.
Skewl wasz kewl (whoa that rhymed :D)
but i did have to take a horrible math test. but then i found out someone has a crush on me which really brightened my day!!!....
umm i have no school monday so this weekend i may just "chillax".....well i'll at least try LoL
but i definitely have to see that new horror movie in 3D "My Bloody Valentine"
so i guess i'm almost guarenteed to leave this house this weekend.
Until next time, have fun doing whatever you do and stay warm!


greenpanda said...

Thanx for following. I'm returning the favour!

clairegrenade said...

OoOoOh! love the boots

cute nail polish too!!!

Indy said...

Your outfits are sooo sylish! I looove the electric nail polish - so cool!

You have a very nice blog - keep it up!

erin meagan said...

I love the outfit! And your nail polish adds a burst of colour too :) haha, thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog! i don't think i look like that in real life though. I think she just captured something really cool.

Troublemaker :) said...

thanks for following :) your blog rocks xxxx