Friday, January 9, 2009


Yea i know...2 posts in one day...that's a bit me.But today we started reviewing for Math B regents (its just this HUGE test that high schoolers in New York are required to take to graduate) not all students have to take this one specifically but if you want an advanced regents diploma which is like the best you could should really take this test. But it just stresses me out because its so challenging && difficult. && i really loved math before i was introduced to math B. and i actually have an advantage because this is advanced math. & usually only 12th graders, seniors, get this math && I'm only in the 10th grade, sophomore. But its no as exciting as it used to be to have class with 12th graders because now i've encountered all of this...suckish work && it really isn't kewl! && plus during Drama class, my partner and i didn't even get to perform our scene which kinda pissed me off more...But i was comfortable && confident with what i wore today so...i guess that's kewl....LoL notice how i always seem to connect my situation to clothing...think i need help?...maybe :D
But i rate my day with a 6 out of 10 (it's something new) you should try it!



Amelia said...

Rating your day is a good idea. I like your cardigan!

That Girl said...

:D i <3 ur nails!!